Review for game play and thoughts on the game itself

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Review for game play and thoughts on the game itself

Post by GriffoxStaff on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:38 pm

I find Elvenar an enjoyable game if you are looking for a slower paced build game. You can buy diamonds to speed things up but it isn't a necessary part of the game. Joining a fellowship gives you some live chat interaction with other members which is useful to get tips and advice. the fellowships are limited to 25 and keeping active members can be a chore ( like anything on the net these days)

I would rate the game a solid 7/10 for game play. they continually try to bring in new ideas for combat, buildings ,Tourneys etc etc. there is a few things still in need of some research and perhaps they are guilty of a few early releases of things before proper testing ( most sites are these days)

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Re: Review for game play and thoughts on the game itself

Post by Gabnarr on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:52 pm

Elvenar is a great game and can be played free or by purchasing diamonds - this helps tremendously to accelerate the game but the game can be played quite effectively without purchasing diamonds too.

I love the game. It's a great game for those who don't have a lot of time to spend sitting and playing - I call it an "on the go" type of game. I log in, visit those in my fellowship and on my map's neighborhood, set my buildings - upgrade things and then I'm off and running within 15 minutes.

I have quite a lot to say about it and will be happy to join in conversations about each aspect of the game play once things are up and running here!

best wishes!


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Re: Review for game play and thoughts on the game itself

Post by elvenarfarms on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:58 pm

I'm not a gamer. This is the only game I play, in fact. But I enjoy the option of going at a slow pace, as you mentioned, or challenging your city to a faster-paced effort, and the mental challenges each approach poses. This is also a really neat game for someone who may not have a fast, gaming computer, like me, as real-time games are almost impossible on my system, coupled with my not-so-great internet connection.

One of the neatest things about Elvenar is that you can decide which area of challenge you'd like to attack at which time. And you determine the urgency with which you'd like to accomplish that goal. Some challenges are related to a timetable and require significantly faster efforts. Other challenges can be accomplished at any pace you like.

You can focus on the city building aspect only. It's interesting to me that in this game, you don't even need an army, nor ever actually need to go to battle. You can, in fact, progress in the game by focusing on a balance between your population and the goods you produce.

The management of limited space, organization and deciding on the proportions of homes, cultural, production and other buildings is a test in itself! Each city will be very different, and it's up to you to decide between combinations of many different possibilities, how you'd like your city to look and perform.

You can try to go it alone and attempt to be self-sufficient by producing all of the needed goods in your city, or you can buy goods directly from the Trader, or trade with local neighbors for goods you don't produce quickly. The aspect of built-in limitations adds a challenging texture to what you can get from your own population.

Alternatively, you can join a Fellowship and receive extra help from fellow members, and increase your trading sphere. The amount of help you get depends largely on the other member's levels of assistance, so choice here is another factor which can limit or exponentially increase your growth.

You can consider the battle aspect, movement strategy on the battlefield, which troop types to use against a changing variety of rivals, which array and level of military buildings are most advantageous to your battle ambitions, when to cut and run, or when to just pay them off. Battles can be a huge contributor to your city's evolution, or you can engage in them sparingly, and with your own, very specific strategies, it's up to you.

They have periodic Tournaments and special Challenges which give yet another chance to play in a different mode. Rewards range from everyday resources to special items you'll never have the chance to acquire again!

There are more ways than those mentioned here to enjoy this game, whether you choose make it a slow, or faster-paced experience. I particularly love the design and animations, which are very rich and superbly interesting.

You can even have multiple cities, in different worlds, and have the experience of playing as an Elf or a Human in each of them. One seems to be enough for me, though!

One of my favorite aspects of gameplay is the PATIENCE required if you chose not to use real money in the game, or if you currently have no immediate way of getting the resource you need for a particular endeavor. I find it quite Zen-like to realize from time to time, that I can't have everything I want instantly, but if I just wait a bit, things will come eventually. It's a great personal exercise that I would never have expected to get from an online game!

And I'm still waiting for my chance to get a Rainbow Unicorn. Seriously. It's my Elvenar life-long goal!

Happy Elfing (or Humaning) !!!


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Re: Review for game play and thoughts on the game itself

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